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What is Loans? - Definition

A loan is a type of credit vehicle where a certain amount of money is paid to the other party in exchange for future payment of principle or value. In many cases, the provider adds interest and/or finance charges to the principal amount which the balance recipient has to pay in addition to the principal amount. Loans can be for a fixed, single amount or for an indefinite period of time up to a certain limit. Comes in a variety of forms including secure, insecure, business, and personal.

Types of Bank Loans

  • Load generous repayment terms
  • Private Loans terms
  • Marriage Loans terms

Personal Loans

the interest rate of your personal loan could look different, depending on the state you live in, your credit score, and the type of lender you're borrowing from.

Small Business Loans

  • Loan for personal business
  • Annual and monthly payment system.
  • Easy to get this personal loads any person for their personal business.

Online Loans

Best Personal Loan Rates, online loan in Bangladesh, urgent loan in bangladesh, Low interest personal loan, Peer to Peer Loans

  • Peer to Peer Personal Loans
  • Best Loans for cars buy.
  • Best Home Loans Agency
  • Bank's home and bank loan interest.
  • Business Loans from Banks.
  • Money Transfer for loads.
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Ways to take bKash loan - Citibank and bKash loan without collateral!

BKash has partnered with Citibank to launch the country's first digital loan disbursement service with a new feature. After a year of experimentation, the service officially started on December 15, 2021. At first, a maximum digital loan of 10 thousand rupees could be obtained under this. Now, the maximum amount of the bKash loan will be Rs 20 lakhs.

This unsecured loan from the private bank Citibank can be used instantly on the bKash account. Let us know the answers to some important questions about the development and distribution of this Citibank digital loan.

How much money can a development loan be?

At present, loans ranging from a minimum of Tk 500 to a maximum of Tk 20,000 will be granted under this bKash digital loan service. However, this figure may increase even more in the future.

What is the percentage of interest to pay on the development loan?
This bKash digital loan will be available at an interest rate of 9 percent as per the rules set by the Bank of Bangladesh.

What are the conditions to take the bKash digital loan?

The most convenient thing about this digital loan service from Citibank and bKash is that the right bKash customer can avail this loan anytime, anywhere from the bKash app. Eligible customers for development can take this loan up to Tk 20,000 without any collateral. However, only selected clients of bKash will get this loan. Not everyone can get a loan right now.

How do I get a bKash digital loan?

This digital loan service is currently officially launching. That means all bKash users will see loan options on their bKash app. But not everyone gets a loan. The development bank and city authorities will determine the loan amount after verification.

Clients will see the loan icon in their development application. To take out a loan, the client must agree to give the information provided to bKash on their e-KYC form to Citibank. Then, with the loan amount and your PIN, you will immediately get the digital loan money in the bKash account. The interest and other provisions applicable to this loan will be met as per the instructions of the Bangladesh Bank.

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